Heritage Collection

The vision for the Heritage Collection actually came to me in a dream! I hadn’t previously considered or aspired to create a clothing line. I chose hoodies because it’s cold most months here in Chicago, + even on a chilly summer or fall night, they bring comfort. Each of the neighborhoods profiled share a personal connection with my life and upbringing.

I was born at Cook County Hospital + came home to my grandparents’ home in Chatham on 81st & Yale, + later spent my formative years in South Shore, Bronzeville + Wicker Park. I lived in Hyde Park just prior to moving to NYC. As a product of Chicago + CPS (Chicago Public Schools), I wanted to create a line of hoodies that was personal, meaningful, comfortable + fly :)

I know that everyone is going through something whether it’s related to job insecurity, caregiving for loved ones, financial instability, loss of loved ones, or mental health. I want to share this resource - you can text ‘NOSTIGMA’ to 707070; this is free mental health resources + therapy for communities of color.

With everything going on, if you are able to purchase a hoodie, you can use the discount code ‘CHIHOODIES’ for 10% off. Each purchase will be followed up with a postcard that includes the historical significance of the neighborhood featured on the hoodie(s) purchased.

There’s an incredible heritage to the city of Chicago - more to come. Stay tuned!

Thank you  from the bottom of my heart 
-Sophia aka Chisophly


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